Rib at Snow’s BBQ


Oh yeah, this rib tasted as good as it looks. This was from an early Saturday morning run to Snow’s BBQ in Lexington, Texas. Snow’s was once proclaimed the #1 BBQ joint in Texas by Texas Monthly magazine.

This place only opens Saturday mornings at 8 AM and only stays open until the meat runs out. That usually happens before noon. That means, barbecue for breakfast. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I usually eat a little bit there and take a whole bunch home. Anyway, on this day the TV Food Network was filming for a TV show. Unfortunately, I don’t know which show.



Dover Sole


My wife came through big on dinner Wednesday night. She prepared some wild-caught Dover sole (a mild white fish) stuffed with artichoke hearts, asparagus, squash, red peppers and butter. It was topped with lemon slices, wrapped in parchment paper and steamed in its own juices in the oven. She served it with white rice and asparagus spears that she sautéed in EVOO with fresh garlic.



Grilling Some Chicken

The weather was nice, so I fired up the grill.

Buffalo Chicken Po Boy


A Buffalo Chicken Po Boy from Turf N’ Surf in Austin, Texas. Very pricey for the casual nature of this food stand (you order from a window on the sidewalk) but the food has never disappointed. I’ve eaten there a few times now. Always a great meal. This was my first foray into the “turf” part of their menu.

Veggie Kabobs


Grilled up some veggies recently. Kept it simple. I sprayed some EVOO on them, ground some sea salt and pepper and sprinkled some Balsamic vinegar on them. Delish.

Asian Seared Tuna Salad


Asian seared tuna salad from Galaxy Cafe in Austin, Texas.  Sesame crusted, wild-caught, medium rare tuna steak over a bed of mixed field greens with cucumber, edamame, crispy vermicelli rice noodles & a side of sesame soy vinaigrette.

Did you miss me?  I took a break.  My apologies to my newest follower, Pratik.

Calamari Puttanesca


Lunch at La Traviata Italian Bistro in downtown Austin, Texas.  I love most any kind of pasta alla puttanesca.



Ruben Fries


I had never noticed the Ruben Fries on the menus at Frank. Wow. You know it’s going to be good when the waiter and the server get excited about what they’re bringing you.  Basically, you’ve got waffle fries, topped with sauerkraut, corned beef, Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing.  Amazing.  Glad I was splitting these with a friend or I would have eaten them all.  BTW, this is a “small” size.


Waffle Bownies


My wife and son made some waffle brownies (brownies made in a waffle iron instead of baking them–brilliant!) to bring to a friend’s party last night. If you’re like me, you try to get a corner piece of a brownie, because you like the edges. Making brownies in a waffle iron makes every bite an edge piece. How cool is that?!

Blackened Catfish


Blackened catfish with tomato relish and market fresh vegetables at Willie G’s in downtown Austin, Texas.