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Grilling Some Chicken

The weather was nice, so I fired up the grill.

Buffalo Chicken Po Boy


A Buffalo Chicken Po Boy from Turf N’ Surf in Austin, Texas. Very pricey for the casual nature of this food stand (you order from a window on the sidewalk) but the food has never disappointed. I’ve eaten there a few times now. Always a great meal. This was my first foray into the “turf” part of their menu.

Kalamata-Balsamic Chicken with Feta


My wife’s world famous Kalamata-Balsamic Chicken with Feta, tomatoes and baby spinach. Served over orzo, alongside a glass of sangria.


Hadn’t posted in a while as we took a long beach vacation.  On this evening we enjoyed our dinner on the balcony overlooking the sea.

Grilled Chicken Thighs


Sprinkle a little salt, crack some pepper and put ’em on the grill. When they’re nearly done, brush on some good BBQ sauce, turn and brush the other side.

BBQ Chicken Pizza


A pizza made with chicken, BBQ sauce, tomato slices, purple onion and cilantro.

Grilled Chicken


Grilled chicken.  Can you taste it?